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Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags... Over the years we've talked to so many parents we know that diaper bags are not one of the best-loved accessories of parenting. Many of you have even told us your strategies for trying to go without a diaper bag entirely! Well here at Maison Drake we think the problem is that you simply haven't found the right diaper bag! So many new parents receive a diaper bag as a baby shower gift, and that bag is usually purchased from a big-box retailer by a friend or relative with the best of intentions but without much thought for its usefulness or design. Check out the amazing selection of bags below from boutique brands like Petunia Pickle Bottom, Boken, and Okkatots, and you'll see that there really are much better options available than what your cousin Sylvia was able to pick up at Babies R Us on the way to the baby shower. Discover diaper bag designs ranging from super-practical to surprsingly chic, choose a color or pattern you love, and we'll bet you won't feel so bad about your diaper bag anymore.

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